I want to be able to use my special mouse buttons to move windows between workspaces:

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Button 7 should move the active window one workspace to the right.

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Button 6 should move the active window one workspace to the left.

This worked fine in Ubuntu 14.04 and earlier versions: CCSM > Desktop Wall > Bindings > Move with window within wall > [Set appropriate combination]

In 14.10, I can only set keyboard shortcuts! How can I set up my desired combination next to the default keyboard shortcuts? Is there a compiz config file that I could manually edit?

Thank you!


This should be fully configurable in the compiz-settings-manager. You can install it with a search in 'apps'.

  • That's not true. These settings aren't in CCSM. Please read what I wrote: CCSM > Desktop Wall > Bindings > 'Move with window within wall' There, you will find no such setting.
    – MrTomRod
    Jan 28 '15 at 16:26

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