I installed EC2 Cloud tools. Which made me wait for 60 sec during boot-up.

Later I removed the tool but unfortunately the program was still there and waits for 60 sec during startup.

How to I see what program/service starts during bootup and how do I remove it.

  • Although bum is the correct answer but sudo apt-get --purge remove package solved the problem I was facing – Rahul Prasad Jul 26 '11 at 16:11

From the man page for apt-get use

sudo apt-get --purge remove package

to also delete the configuration files associated with that package.

You can also take a look in System->Preferences->Startup Applications.

On the other hand, you can always know what processes are currently running on your machine using System->Administration->System Monitor, clicking on the Processes tab. If you find a process which name is related to EC2, then you can locate the binary (remember to sudo updatedb before using it). To find out which package installed it, first enter

sudo apt-get install dlocate

and afterwards

dlocate /path/to/binary.

Finally, remove the package using apt-get.


Install boot up manager and have a look at the list of startup applications you can turn on and off. Random example of the lay-out of bum:

enter image description here

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