I would like to add Ipython qtconsole (for Python3) to the application launcher in the bottom panel at the KDE plasma desktop. I currently have three applications in the launcher:

  • chromium browser
  • Ipython qtconsole (Python2)
  • konsole

Se below screen shot:

enter image description here

The problem is that I cannot remember how I added these applications in the first place. Now I would like to add Ipython qtconsole. If I right-click on the konsole icon in the laucher it pops up a menu with to items Icon settings and Panel options, but none of these sub menues allows me to modify the application launcher.

(The path to Ipython qtconsole is /usr/bin/ipython3.)


The KDE 4 default launcher

As default the KDE 4 is using the Kickoff: https://userbase.kde.org/Plasma/Kickoff

More KDE application launchers: https://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?59851-KDE-Application-Launchers

Launcher button to the Panel - two ways

1) Right click the application in the KDE Menu (default application launcher) > Add to Panel.

enter image description here

Note ! Unlock the Widgets to get the 'Add to' options.

2) or right click the task manager application icon (in this Konsole icon) > Show A Launcher When not Running

enter image description here

If the application is not in KDE Menu

Right click the KDE Menu button > Edit Applications

enter image description here

Add the application to the KDE menu.

The KDE Menu Editor Handbook:

Right click the KDE Menu button > Edit Applications > Help > KDE Menu Editor Handbook

enter image description here

  • Thanks, but I am not able to complete step 1. Which KDE-menu are you referring to? – Håkon Hægland Oct 30 '14 at 16:59
  • 1
    For step 2: If I right-click the blue KDE icon in the lower-left of the screen, I get a pop-up menu with Edit applications as one of the items. If I choose this item, the KDE menu editor window appears and I can go down to the Utilities icon in the left panel, and click the arrow in front of it to get a list of utilities. From this list I can select IPython3 Qt console. If I do this I can check the Place in system tray button in the right panel. And then choose the Save button. But after this, still no icon appears in the system tray.. – Håkon Hægland Oct 30 '14 at 17:10
  • "Edit Applications..." helped. I needed to add a script. – Lilian A. Moraru Jul 21 '16 at 7:03

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