Is there a package of Ubuntu drivers as driver pack solution? I tried to search for it, but I did not find it. If there is, how can I easily get it?

  • "Driver packs" reminds me of driverpacks.net — but you don't need such a thing, the Linux kernel itself contains a set of well maintained drivers for almost everything. – LiveWireBT Jun 28 '15 at 3:31

In order to show all the proprietary drivers that are available to be installed from the Ubuntu Software Center and are compatible with your hardware, open the terminal and type:

ubuntu-drivers devices  

Wait at least one minute for the command to scan your computer and generate the list of drivers. The output of this command will be a list of the package names and short descriptions of the available drivers. In addition to showing a list of the available drivers, the above command will often also identify the recommended proprietary driver(s) for your system.

If your computer has an Intel processor and it doesn't have a discrete graphics processor, then ubuntu-drivers devices will not return results that show that a proprietary graphics card driver is available to be installed because the Intel graphics driver is built-in in Ubuntu.

If you visit the official AMD or NVIDIA websites you will often see that the latest version of the proprietary graphics driver for your GPU is a little bit more up-to-date than the version of the same graphics driver that is available from the default Ubuntu repositories. Don't worry about this, because if the difference between version numbers of the two proprietary graphics drivers is small, then you will get similar performance by using either of the two drivers. If you install a graphics driver from the default Ubuntu repositories, you will also get automatic updates to the driver which are sometimes linked to kernel updates.


Most drivers are included in Ubuntu. If you need to install proprietary drivers that can't be included in Ubuntu, then you can get them automatically from the Software & Updates application.

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