I've been using Guake on my laptop and my desktop and everything has been fine until I recently bought a new HD and did a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.10.

I installed Guake and it works fine except for when I try to use GNU screen:

wayne@arglefraster:~$ screen -xRR
Please set a terminal type.
wayne@arglefraster:~$ echo $TERM

In my Guake config preferences I have /bin/bash set as my default interpreter - which is the same thing that I have on my laptop. Both xterm and gnome-terminal shows xterm as the TERM value, and even ctrlaltF1 shows linux.

So how do I get Guake to use the proper TERM value so I can avoid having to export TERM=xterm in my Guake every time?


It looks like you are experiencing this launchpad bug.

Given that you are now using the unsupported 10.10, this will not be fixed for this release. A workaround is the best you can expect unless you install and compile your own later version of Guake and GNU screen.

Post #73 gives a suggested workaround - reproduced below:

echo "export TERM=xterm" | sudo tee /etc/profile.d/set_term.sh && source /etc/profile

Alternatively add:

[ "$TERM" = dumb ] && export TERM=xterm 

to your ~/.bashrc


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