I have a setup.bat file which install some applications and i want to execute it.

This is content of .bat file :

@echo off
Rip_7z.exe x Rip0.7z
del Rip0.7z
Rip_7z.exe x Rip1.7z
del Rip1.7z

I think the Rip_7z.exe file extracts the Rip0.7z and Rip1.7z files and builds the app.

How can I do this in the Ubuntu 11.04 Terminal?

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You can run DOS batch file through wineconsole:

$ cat ~/.wine/drive_c/file.bat
@echo off
echo Working
$ wineconsole 'C:\file.bat'

You get a new windows similar to this

enter image description here

Also, you can enter an interactive DOS prompt with

wineconsole cmd

You will get:

enter image description here


You have to run it through cmd eg.: wine cmd /c setup.bat

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    This is the single thing that works in the text mode (servers, ssh, etc.).
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Firstly, Wine won't touch batch files.

Why do you have to do it in a terminal? Just open the directory with naultilus, right click the .7z files and extract. But if you want to do it the hard way, the appriximate conversion of that script is:


7za x RipForGames{0,1}.7z # might want e instead of x
#rm RipForGames{0,1}.7z # commented out in case you want to keep them.

A protip for next time: Try not to announce you're downloading pirated material, in a public forum. It might come back to bite you in the arse one day.

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    Wine handles batch just fine, downvoted. (Refer to the other two answers)
    – rjh
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#! /bin/bash

wine RipForGames_7z.exe x RipForGames0.7z
rm RipForGames0.7z
wine RipForGames_7z.exe x RipForGames1.7z
rm RipForGames1.7z

Save this as setup an run it by typing bash setup, and then hitting enter.

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