I've got a school assessment this week.

Let me explain how my environment is:

1 Router (Have DHCP + giving an ip to the client) Has NAT for Internet 1 Client (Can only have internet acccess via the router) Has HOST-ONLY

My problem: IPTABLES

I've got a couple of rules that i've found on the internet. But none of all are working. Example: http://pastebin.com/uKH2rHue

Is this even possible? because it did not work at mine.

MY question: How can I configure IPTABLES router for redirecting or forwarding the incoming traffic to INTERNET? (HTTP REQUEST by having internet ACCESS)

Thanks in advance!

  • How does your question relate with your school assessment? Also, what kind of traffic do you try to redirect? Do have a server on your LAN that needs to be accessibly to the internet or do try to redirect a browser to a server on the internet? – MadMike Oct 28 '14 at 7:04

This can be done by

  • Creating an init script to enforce our iptables rule set

  • Creating a set of iptables rules that could be put in place on a Linux gateway

To have a detailed info on how to do this. Please follow the link given below


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