I just installed Tor Browser on UBUNTU 12.05 (PRECISE) following the instructions from TOR site about using the DEBIAN repository instead of UBUNTU repository. It went fine up to point where I enter sudo apt-get install tor and that completed fine too. The instructions said TOR is now installed and running.

The problem is I cannot find or run the TOR Browser on the system. I searched the entire system using find / -name tor* and I don't see any tor browser to run.

Meanwhile if I just download and extract the bundle I could get it running through a terminal session without any of the DEBIAN part.

I just don't understand why following the official instructions and getting success all the way does not get me any tor browser that I can find? Can anyone advise me on this? Thanks in advance..

  • Do you use Ubuntu or Debian? – Jan Oct 27 '14 at 21:31
  • The title of the question explicitly states "Ubuntu 12.05". – rbaleksandar Oct 27 '14 at 21:36

If you followed the instructions here and installed tor it will not give you tor browser.You will also need to configure your applications to use tor as given in the step 2.

As suggested in the above link, if you want to just surf the web anonymously then installing tor browser directly from the bundle (as you did the second time) is the right thing to do.

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