Complete noob... I installed VirtualBox and Guest additions for Ubuntu, managed to set up a 'shared folder' in virtualbox devices but my question is. Now that I have set up the Share on my Mac (made it public/all) how do I now find this folder using Ubuntu?

Ideally, I want the 'shared folder' to go on my desktop in Ubuntu.



To have a Virtualbox shared folder on the Ubuntu guest's desktop we will have to create a shared folder to then mount it. See these related questions:

If this was successful we need to give our Ubuntu user privileges to read (or write) these shared folders by granting them access to the group vboxsf. Run this command from a terminal in the guest:

sudo usermod -aG vboxsf <username>

Both, shared folders auto-mounting to /media/<username>/sf_<sharename>, and user membership in the group vboxsf need a reboot of the guest.

We can then simply drag and drop the shared folder to the guest's desktop for easy access:

enter image description here

To access from guest applications we give the mountpoint (i.e. the path) to the share (when auto-mounted in /media/<username>/sf_<sharename>) in the file-selector.

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