On my network I have a file named : sftp://bernard@myserver.nl/home/bernard/shared/keepass2/algemeen.kdbx I want to use this file with Keepass2

In Nautilus I have mounted the directory successful and bookmarked it using the name : shared. The above filename I retrieved using Nautilus properties for path and filename.

If, within Keepass2, I try to open a file using network, the network directory is empty, although the network path is mounted and visible in Nautilus.

When opening Keepass2 I can no see the bookmarked entries, which is a pity. Is it possible to use Nautilus mounted files? network access via open file dialog shows it would work, but not for me.

So I used the Keepass2 function "open url" but without success. Keepass2 give me the message error : An error occurred performing a WebClient request." Because Keepass2 seems not to support sftp I tried again using : ftp://bernard@myserver.nl/home/bernard/shared/keepass2/algemeen.kdbx

Now I get the message : "Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object. But no application is using this file. I use Ubuntu version 14.04 and Keepass2 version 2.23 On older versions I could successful use a URL to open a file.

I tried to go to Nautilus, click right mouse click, and "open with Keepass". When done so I get again the message "Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object." So it seems the network file can be found.

It there a way to use the Keepass2 file on the network?

Then I tried once more, and now successful. The filename was altered to : /run/user/1000/gvfs/sftp:host=myserver.nl,user=bernard/home/bernard/shared/keepass2/algemeen.kdbx

No idea what happened, no idea why the user has the name of the file, but it works.

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