I'm a new learner of Ubuntu, installing Ubuntu 14.04 on my PC, but can't install QQ. How can I install it?

  • 好像是在software center 有 但是我常识用的时候不可以log in. 你可以尝试Ubuntu Kylin, 这就是中国的version, 他们的qq好像是ok的。 我等一下,重新常识下载software center version Oct 24, 2014 at 6:38
  • I have an idea that might be useful. There are android emulators for Linux. I will try to install android version of QQ to emulator and see how that works. When I figure this out, I will post an answer. Check back here in couple of days Aug 27, 2015 at 6:33

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QQ for linux has been stopped and not supported for a long time already. There are implementations of QQ in WINE for Deepin and Ubuntu Kylin, but there is no (at least no more) Linux-version QQ.

There is also w.qq.com, which is a web-based version of QQ, however it's very limited

Basic idea of my solution is to install Genymotion ( an Android emulator ) and install the Android version of QQ in there. Basic steps are: 1)install VirtualBox; 2) install genymotion; 2) add a device; 3) launch that device; 4) download *.apk file for mobile qq; 5) drag and drop to running android emulator

Step 1 Install VirtualBox

Genymotion uses VirtualBox as backend for virtualization. It will be important to install it.

Go to https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads and download VirtualBox version for your OS version.

If your OS is 32 bit, download i386 package. If your os is 64 bit - install AMD64 package. (You can find out if you use 32 or 64 bit OSwith the arch or uname -m command; x86_64 means 64 bit, i368 and i686 mean 32 bit).

Drag and drop the downloaded package to Software Center or open the terminal, go to the directory where the package is located with cd directory-name and install the downloaded package with sudo dpkg -i virtualbox-*.deb

For example, my Ubuntu 14.04 is 64 bit, so I downloaded virtualbox-5.0_5.0.2-102096~Ubuntu~trusty_amd64.deb; it is saved in my Downloads folder. I install it with sudo dpkg -i virtualbox-5.0_5.0.2-102096~Ubuntu~trusty_amd64.deb

Step 2 Install Genymotion

Go to https://www.genymotion.com/ and create account. Genymotion for personal use is free. Download appropriate package for your OS version at https://www.genymotion.com/#!/download

Open the terminal and go to the directory where you downloaded the package. The installation binary will be something like this genymotion-2.5.2_x64.bin. In terminal , do chmod 755 genymotion-*.bin && ./genymotion-*.bin -d $HOME. There will be new directory created, called genymotion in your home directory.

If you prefer to install somewhere else, you can do ./genymotion-* -d /path/to/your/directory

Step 3 Install virtual Android Phone

Go to the folder where you installed Genymotion, launch it. Click ADD button. Select any android version, install it. Once installation is done, select that device and click START to launch it.

Step 4 Download and Install Android QQ version

From your Ubuntu web browser to http://im.qq.com/download/ and download the mobile version of QQ. The file should be mobileqq_android.apk

Open the file manager. Find the mobileqq_android.apk file. Drag and drop it into the running Android emulator.

If you receive an error about incompatible CPU, go back to Step 3 and try different device version.

Step 5 Create a Desktop Shortcut [optional]

Open text editor and create genymotion.desktop. Contents are the following

[Desktop Entry]

Save that file to desktop. In terminal , do chmod 755 $HOME/Desktop/genymotion.desktop

Exec= line is important. Make sure it says your actual username, instead of user.



How can I install a .bin file?

An easy way to create a desktop shortcut?


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