Every decent drawing/vectorial software like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw shows-up a dialogue asking how would you like to replace the fonts type-faces that it wasn't able to find on the system, something like this:

Illustrator Font Replacement Dialogue

I cannot find a way do it in Inkscape. When I try to open or import a AI or PDF file it only shows "Replace PDF Fonts by closest-named installed fonts" which doesn't works very well. Does anyone knows how could I use such a feature?

  • Good question. I normally edit the svg file by hand (or sed). – Sparhawk Oct 20 '14 at 22:47

In Inkscape 0.91 there is an extension called "Replace font" (find it under Extensions -> Text). It can list all the used fonts in the document, and you can do a find & replace for specific fonts, or replace all fonts by one of your choice. (Note that you have to fill in the font names by hand, or copy-paste, there's no drop down to choose from).

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