I'm trying to get a list of all outgoing URL traffic that my computer makes. This way I can know what my computer is making a request for. Like for email or web browsing or the unity searching the web. Then I want to mail the log hourly to an email address. I already have EXIM4 as a mail server configured as an internet site.

My Netgear router on my other network already does this including email. Netgear does it like this.

[Site allowed: nlmobile.cdnak.neulion.com] from source, Monday, Oct 20,2014 08:00:53 [Site allowed: nfl.demdex.net] from source, Monday, Oct 20,2014 08:00:53 [Site allowed: d2b67tzkr07lta.cloudfront.net] from source, Monday, Oct 20,2014 08:00:44 [Site allowed: www.cerberusapp.com] from source, Monday, Oct 20,2014 08:00:41 [email sent to: fakeemail@localhosts] Monday, Oct 20,2014 07:01:01


Maybe you want to take a loot at tcpspy (just type "sudo apt-cache search tcpspy" and install it if you like "sudo apt-get install tcpspy"... ftp://ftp.tu-clausthal.de/pub/mirror/gnu/www/directory/tcpspy.html

This logs your tcp traffic... maybe you need something for udp, too!

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  • This solves my problem. I don't see anywhere to click to mark your solution as best. You have my thanks. – Hunky Dory Oct 22 '14 at 0:33

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