I have a Samsung Galaxy Pro with Android Froyo which has 8GB worth of songs and I want to sync those with banshee on my home desktop which runs Ubuntu Natty 64 bit. There are videos on Youtube which show HTC syncing with Banshee, but when I connect my Samsung Galaxy Pro to my Ubuntu desktop using a USB cable, it does not show up.

Any help?

  • did those videos have any instructions given in their descriptions for how they set up sync? – Knowledge Cube Jul 21 '11 at 3:53

I don't have a Samsung Galaxy Pro, but I do have a Captivate which is a Samsung Galaxy S model. The Galaxy Pro is a Galaxy S II model, but there's a good chance that they interact with Ubuntu in a similar way.

In order to get syncing with Banshee to work, I needed to turn on "USB Debugging" for my phone. To do so, go to Settings > Applications > Development

Enable USB Debugging

Now you can connect your phone to your computer. This will add a notification on your phone. Press the "USB Connected" notification.

USB Connected

This will bring up a new screen. Press "Connect to USB storage."

Connect to USB storage

Ubuntu should now prompt you to open the phone in Banshee.


You should now be able to sync music from Banshee to your phone.


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