As of yesterday, I had been using Ubuntu 14.04 with a 3GB swap-space. However, I was finding that I was unable to hibernate if I had more than 3GB of RAM in-use. So, I booted on a LiveUSB of Gparted, I deleted my swap partition, shrunk my /dev/sdb1/ file system (the main one--where the operating system is), and then created a larger swap-space partition; it's now a

However, now when I hibernate, the state isn't saved. I've already edited my /etc/fstab file to account for the new UUID of the partition--but it won't work. I've made sure the swap is enabled, ran the command swapon -s and it looked good--I think.

Here are various screenshots of the information I've given. http://imgur.com/a/IrxmL

I had hibernation working perfectly prior to my resizing the swap-partition.

EDIT: my pm-suspend.log yields this: http://pastebin.com/ptzSnyB2
Something fishy with the thaw commands. (??)


I fixed it. Turns out my resume file wasn't updated to account for the new UUID! I followed everything in the link below and hibernation works again.


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