I have installed ubuntu 14.04 and its running good. The problem is that if i run machine more than 4 hours continuously then it become very slow. After then if i restart machine then it become normal. Previously i have installed 12.04 but i did not face this kind of problem. Please help

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We can not come in to a conclusion as Ubuntu 14.04 OS long run is the main cause of the issue. check memory usage and disk performance of the machine using the below command and check

Memory usage checking during machine hang:

cat /proc/meminfo
 you need to install htop
$ htop
FOr GUI level monitoring

System > Administration > System monitor:

watch -n 5 free -m

Monitoring disk performance.

dstat -D hda
sudo hdparm -Tt /dev/sda

FOr GUI level monitoring

System -> Administration -> Disk Utility

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