Is there any compositing built in Lubuntu? I do not mean installing compiz but rather something simple like Metacity compositing to satisfy apps that require it.

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LXDE is by design a light-weight graphical environment with no direct composite manager.

Lubuntu does have the X composite extensions built in though with allows you to install a composite manager of your choice, for example

  1. xcompmgr - a basic lightweight composite manager with a few effects such as shadows and translucent windows. Works with Cairo or Docky. N.B. don't forget to add xcompmgr as part of your autostart programs on logon.
  2. metacity - the standard software based composite manager for basic graphics cards
  3. compiz - the fully fledged all singing all dancing wobbly effects composite manager requiring a more modern graphics card.

Cairo with xcompmgr in Lubuntu:

enter image description here

From ubuntu community help:

Compiz and Cairo are two rather heavyweight solutions with lots of resource-heavy eyecandy. An alternative consistent with the small footprint of Lubuntu is xcompmgr.

xcompmgr installation:

sudo apt-get install xcompmgr

leafpad ~/.config/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart

add line

@xcompmgr -c

[SOLVED] How to enable compositing in Lubuntu.

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