Ubuntu Shortcut keys are clashing with IntelliJ IDEA shortcut keys.

Example Ctrl+Alt+L This formats the code in IntelliJ IDEA While this locks the ubuntu desktop. Also Windows+L also locks the desktop.

I want to only use Windows+L key to lock desktop, so that Ctrl+Alt+L can be used in IntelliJ IDEA.

Please assist.


IntelliJ case

Go to: File | Settings | Keymap and change to Alt+L for instance:

enter image description here

Or Ubuntu case:

Go to System Settings | Keyboard and change Lock screen option:

enter image description here

  • How about shortcuts that are not listed under System Settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts? (like Ctrl+Alt+F7) – Superole Aug 31 '17 at 10:28

This can happen if you use Ctrl + Alt in OS as layout change keys combination, for example.

Try using Left Ctrl + Left Alt to separate OS and Intellij key listeners. In this case more general Intellij's Ctrl + Alt + Slash keys combination will work for the right side keys combination in IDE: Right Ctrl + Right Alt.

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