I'd like to use an SWF file as screensaver.

From xscreensaver FAQ:

To play SWF Flash animations:

Macromedia's stand-alone Flash player has xscreensaver support, as of version 6.0.79 and later. To use it, put a line like this in the `programs' preference in your .xscreensaver file:

"My Flash"   gflashplayer -root $HOME/movies/my_flash.swf  \n\

Every version of the standalone flashplayer I found has no -root option and I can't find gflashplayer.

Also gnash -x $XSCREENSAVER_WINDOW doesn't seem to work.


I'm not a tree-hugger but using something as CPU intensive as fullscreen Flash when you're not even using your computer seems like using energy for the sake of it.

Be cool and use blank screen (with DPMS settings) instead. It'll cost you less.

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    Not every flash file is CPU intensive. I like this clock and it's useful for me.
    – Luca
    Oct 10 '10 at 2:39

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