We had a problem with our server last week (Power supply), After fixing it the server is not getting connected to its static ip anymore.

I tried both methods (1) Using Interfaces (2) Using Network Manager

In both cases it gets connected, however it cannot ping any ip.

Since I cannot post more than 2 links ...

Here is the link to the album http://imgur.com/a/1ECiN in which the following commands are bottom to top.


route -n

arp -n




Network manager trial settings

Connection established

However, the ping always fails

I removed dhcp3-client just to see if it was interfering, did not work.

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According to this image

network configuration

you disabled automatic network configuration via DHCP (note that the method is “Manual”) and didn't configure a working gateway to the internet manually.

You should fix either of those issues. I recommend re-enabling DHCP by selecting it in the “Method“ combo box of the network configuration dialogue window.

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