I am very new to Ubuntu

Can anybody, kindly enlighten me with the procedure of establishing Internet connection on my laptop ?

I am using 3G Tata Photon+ Huawei EC156


To use Tata DoCoMo 3G on Ubuntu OS, find the step below on Techulator. Read them carefully before you take the step and do not miss the step mentioned herein.

You try to connect Tata DoCoMo 3G stick and boot up Ubuntu / system.

  1. You may choose network connections and click on the 'New Mobile Broadband Connection'

  2. Select 'continue' in the dialog box and select "India" as country & then click continue.

  3. It will show the list of service providers, select 'I don't know my provider' option and type 'TATA DOCOMO UMTS', click continue. Note: Don't select 'Tata DoCoMo' since it is for Tata Photon+ (2G) and not for DoCoMo 3G

  4. Now, under billing dialog, select 'My plan is not listed' option and enter as "tatadocomo3g" as APN, just click 'confirm' and save your settings.

  5. After these steps, you will get Network Connections, you will find "TATA DOCOMO UMTS connection" option and click on it. In case if it does not connect to internet then you can just unplug and then plug your 3G stick.

  6. That's it the step, now you can enjoy by using Tata DoCoMo 3G stick with your Ubuntu OS.

Hope this helps!

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