I use Ubuntu 14.04 with GNOME shell 3.10.4. Pressing the [Print]-key will cause the screen to shortly turn dark - as it seems to be custom on Ubuntu for capturing a screen.

But afterwards there is no screen shot available to be pasted on the clipboard.

Does somebody know how to repair or troubleshoot this issue?


The screenshot should automatically save to the ~/Pictures folder:

You can get the prompt to save or copy the screenshot (right) by using the 'Screenshot' dialogue (search in the overview for screenshot, or run gnome-screenshot --interactive). This also enables you to include options such as whether to include the mouse pointer etc. enter image description here

You can also set in Keyboard settings what commands can be used for Screenshots - so you for instance to screenshot copy to clipboard by using Ctrl+Print Screen (or whatever is set in the settings):

If you want to have the screenshot dialogue open, add you can add a custom keyboard shortcut to launch gnome-screenshot --interactive - I use Super+Print Screen:

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