I am dual booting Ubuntu on Windows 8, and during the install, I get no option to install alongside Windows 8. A previous question gave me the information that I needed to make my partitioned drive for Ubuntu a logical drive before it can be used in Ubuntu. The person who answered gave me a link to a program that you had to pay for. Is there any way that I can change my primary partition to a logical partition without paying for a software? I am stuck on this final step in installing Ubuntu!! Please be specific, I am new to Linux based software.

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    Could you boot using live CD, run sudo fdisk -l in terminal, then post its output. This will help to get answers. – user.dz Oct 12 '14 at 7:44
  • Did you install Windows 8 in BIOS with MBR partitioning? Or is it pre-installed? If pre-installed you have gpt partitioning and gpt does not have primary nor logical. Just one type that is in effect primary but not limited to 4 prmary like MBR(msdos). Post this. sudo parted -l – oldfred Oct 12 '14 at 16:18

You need to make some free space out of Windows 8 for Linux.

For this, in Windows 8, go to Disk Management tool.

In the Disk Management tool:

Right click on the drive and select shrink volume.

You must leave the free space.

Now, you go to Control Panel ---- Hardware and Sound --- Power Options --- System Settings --- Choose what the power buttons do --- Uncheck the Turn on fast startup box.

You will have to choose boot from USB option from within Windows itself, pressing shift key while clicking on Restart.

Reboot and in Bios options, You must disable: Secure boot in UEFI.

Plug in the USB, the Ubuntu Live USB and boot the system from it.

Once you have booted, you will be presented with option to try or install Ubuntu. Click on install.

In Installation Type. Choose Something else.

You shall use the free space to create Root /, Swap, and Home /home, partitions.

Select the free space and click on the + sign.

Once you are ready with Root, Swap and Home, click on Install Now


Download Gparted (it is free) and burn it on a CD (of USB). This CD is bootable. Boot with this CD,and you can change your whole drive system. download at http://gparted.org/


Also You don't need to convert your partition to logical(That was me!!) just delete your partition(Warning: be careful all your data in this partition will be deleted) and make it as unallocated space then try to boot Ubuntu from CD/USB and follow screen instructions. If you select unallocated space partition during installation Ubuntu automatically converts that to logical.

free trial verstion of that software.

good luck.

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