Using kubuntu 14.04 What Ark specific settings do I use to extract a Kbackup file (stored on a usb disk). My original files are stored in /home/bumpy. Sure wouls appreciate a quick reply - am getting desperate!


Test this:

Simply use the ark command line:

ark [--extract --extract-to --add --add-to --guess-name] [folder] [files] [archive]  Options] 

Suppose your file is backup_2014.09.29-19.05.44_1.tar

Open a terminal,

Press Ctrl+Alt+T

Run it:

$ ark --extract-to /home/bumpy backup_2014.09.29-19.05.44_1.tar

Ark command:


--extract // Open extract dialog, quit when finished 

--extract-to folder archive // Extract archive to folder. Quit when finished. folder will be created if it does not exist. 

--add files // Ask for the name of the archive to add files to. Quit when finished. 

--add-to files archive  // Add files to archive. Quit when finished. archive will be created if it does not exist. 

--guess-name folder archive  //  Used with --extract-to. When specified, archive will be extracted to a subfolder of folder whose name will be the name of archive without the filename extension. 

Source: http://linux.die.net/man/1/ark

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