Recently I was upgrade my ubuntu to 14.04 ,after that for any event(copying a file or running any application)it is only consuming 3gb of memory only .

it is not able to use my entire Ram .Due to this some times i feel system slowness as well .

my system config :

i5 processor 
12gb ram
1 tb hard disk (but I don't have any swap partition )

It would be really great if any one can tell me how to use 12 GB of RAM in a efficient way.

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    This is not enough information to go on. I would suggest to at least include uname and some statistics regarding free or top – Rinzwind Oct 8 '14 at 20:20
  • It is possible you installed the 32 bit version of Ubuntu. 32 Bit Ubuntu would be limited to about 3GB of ram. – Claris Oct 8 '14 at 20:32

Perhaps you installed the 32-bit version of Ubuntu. To check, open up a termianl and type uname -p. That will tell you if you have 32-bit (in which you'll get iX86, where X can be anything) or x86_64, 64-bit. You should have 64-bit. If not, it's time to back up and reinstall. Also, you have 12GB of RAM, which is quite a bit. I think that you should set your swappiness to 3. For information on how to do this, read the first answer here. Now, if you do have 32-bit Ubuntu, change the swappiness after you install 64-bit Ubuntu, as it will benefit you greatly. Use a task management tool like GNOME System Monitor (preinstalled with Ubuntu) to check your processor use. Maybe it's your processor that's slow. P.S. If you have a solid-state drive, set your swappiness to 0. If you have a solid-state drive, you NEVER EVER EVER want to make or use swap on it. If you have an SSD, I suggest deleting that swap right now.

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