I'm trying to get the unecm command of ecm tools to work, and I installed it through apt-get. It keeps returning command not found when I try to run it. I looked in Synaptic, and it says that it is installed, and reinstalling it doesn't help.

For full disclosure, I am running the newest Xubuntu distro.

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I just tested it out, here's your issue: You should be using ecm-uncompress

How I found the issue:

dpkg -L [PACKAGE NAME] shows all files that were installed by a certain package. In this case, with dpkg -L ecm it shows:


Chiefly of note there are the ones in the /usr/bin directory:


These are the only 'commands' that were installed by the package (aside from man ecm-uncompress ecm-compress


You can install ecm using the command apt-get install ecm. Use another command to unecm the file:ecm-uncompress file-name.bin.ecm. It's easier if you just type ecm-uncompress then drag the file.bin.ecm into the terminal. It worked for me.

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