Is there any command line tool available to convert emf to png images?

I tried the convert utility from ImageMagick, but it says

decoder for emf not found

According to this page: http://www.imagemagick.org/script/formats.php

EMF R Microsoft Enhanced Metafile (32-bit) Only available under Microsoft Windows.


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(Found in https://stackoverflow.com/a/28749719)

Use LibreOffice:

libreoffice --headless --convert-to png image.emf
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The other answers here did not work for me, but one I found on stakoverflow did

Another way is to use inkscape:

inkscape -e file.png source.emf

See inkscape --help for more export options (area to export, dpi, image resolution, background color etc).

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inkscape is a great idea, but unfortunately it does not do a perfect job, for ex. with label positions getting messed in certain cases, as described here: https://gitlab.com/inkscape/inbox/-/issues/2847

So far the only accurate conversion outside of Windows that I've seen is with OpenOffice (headless) or using the unoconv Python script which calls OpenOffice/LibreOffice to do the work. Maybe there's some way to hack together ImageMagick and Mono (libgdi) under Linux but haven't found anything that's done that yet.

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