I am trying to create a dual boot. I tried installing ubuntu from a pen drive with Install alongside windows option. After I press install, the system just restarts with windows. I used Universal-USB-Installer for the pendrive. I use windows 7, hp Pavillion dv6. The iso file is not corrupt; I checked the md5sum. Also, I have already manually created a partition from windows. Any idea what could be wrong?

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The causes for such a thing can be many, corrupted image, corrupted writing of the image on the pen drive or a corrupted pen drive.

Make sure you run the universal installer as administrator on windows. Or you can also try unetbootin to create the bootable pen drive, but you will also need to run it as administrator.

  • I tried it with unetbootin as well. The exact same thing happens. Its a new pen drive, so I am not sure if it ll be corrupt. The image is not corrupt as I checked the msd5 checksum. Is it a good idea to install it using wubi that comes with the iso image?
    – Vysh
    Commented Oct 8, 2014 at 1:04
  • It will work to install using wubi, will be a bit slower though, if your installing it to check stuff and see if you can manage using it to see if you can convert to it, this will be a good idea to use wubi, if you are already good with ubuntu and want to make the best out of it, burn the image into a DVD and do a regular install, it will perform better, when i used to do installs from pen drives some just did not work, on another pen drive with the same iso it did, would be a good idea to try another pen drive if you have one.
    – AdigaJo
    Commented Oct 8, 2014 at 13:58

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