I use Ubuntu Unity tool to change mouse cursors. But, now I have three differents results.

1) In Firefox I have the wanted result, my mouse cursor theme applied.

2) In Ubuntu I still have a white huge mouse cursor.

3) The top bar of all Ubuntu Windows I have the white huge cursor.

Long sentence short, is there a way to change my mouse cursor in Ubutu coherently, and homogenous for all and every application, position and window areas?


1. Open a terminal and enter

~$ sudo emacs /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme 

Then, let's say your wanted cursor theme name is PolarCursorTheme-Blue, in that file change the Inherits property to:


Save the file and exit emacs (or your favorite editor).

2. LogIn and LogOut

Now it works across all applications.

Can somebody from the Ubuntu dev team please implement a automatic Mouse Switcher into the very core operating system. This is a core feature everybody I asked, wants.

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