So recently I installed Ubuntu along side my already installed Windows 7. I installed Ubuntu on a unallocated volume which I shrinked from my main volume. Now on boot up I get no boot up option for Ubuntu.PC just boot straight to Windows. Can someone please explain how I can get the dual boot to go to Ubuntu

Also with the Ubuntu installation, it didn't detect any operating systems (but I have Windows installed just not on the same volume partition).So I took the "Something else" install type option and just installed Ubuntu on the unallocated free space (which I prepared before hand).Only problem now is no boot up option for Ubuntu .Please help.


Boot Linux using the Ubuntu install live-CD (or USB) then open a terminal and do:

sudo mount /dev/sda? /mnt (replace sda? with the partition where you installed the root fs, use gparted if you don't know)
sudo chroot /mnt
#if you have a separate boot partition: mount /boot
mount /dev
mount /proc
mount /sys
grub-install /dev/sda

If there are no error, you can restart and it should work.


Appears like GRUBx.x (LINUX bootloader) hasn't been installed while the installation and that is why, windows bootloader (the default bootloader) automatically boots-up as your system starts.

To install Linux Bootloader, follow the instructions provided in the link below and you'll probably be able to dual boot your system:


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