My minidlna program is attempting to access the /media folder to get the drives mounted there. I have adapted the minidlna.conf file to look specifically for these drives. I get to them and recieve an access denied message. I cannot change the folder permission while they are in the /media folder.

I have tried the following:

  1. change the user in minidlna.conf to the current user effect: cannot access file, permission denied

2.change the user to "root" in minidlna.conf effect: "bad user error"

  1. comment the user out in the minidlna.conf file effect: cannot access files, permission denied.

  2. moved a test folder from a /media folder to a /home folder 4.5 changed permissions to the /home folder to give everyone access to everything effect: cannot access file, permission denied.

    basically, nothing I do will allow the minidlna program to access the drives mounted in the /media folder. I cannot find a way to change the directory path without changing the drive location. my blue ray device can see the folders created by the minidlna program, but these folders are empty. is there a way to unmount and remount to a different directory? (automount rules perhaps?)

    any help would be greatly appreciated. Please understand that I have been a Ubuntu user for about 72 hours.


    I have also tried mediatomb, serviio, and ushare. so far, minidlna has gotten the closest to making this work.


I had a similar problem when mounting my NTFS partition. As you cannot change the permissions I guess that we are speaking about FAT or NTFS partitions and probably USB Devices? This is a bug in udisks, with hardcoded options: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/udisks/+bug/682589

I achieved access for minidlna by mounting the desired devices via /etc/fstab. Be sure to add options "default,umask=0000". If the devices automount, just unmount them and run command mount -a in Terminal.

See this answer for more informations: https://askubuntu.com/a/408871/32228

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