I have a Qt application that I want to deploy as a deb package. I have been reading so many sources, all slightly different - most of what I did follows this How To: preparing an application for submission to the Ubuntu Software Centre

My files are an executable MainProject, a few dependent libraries, Qt libraries and a number of other system libraries that I have to include for deploying on a different system with nothing installed. I created an sh file that sets the library path, then executes the program - so the sh file will have to be launched every time I guess.

I must create a folder structure in /usr/share/MyCompanyFolder/ and associate the executable with an icon. (The spaces and special characters in the path are an unfortunate requirement; the uppercase names also... the program was ported from windows).

/usr/share/My Company's Folder/MainProject/content

I created a package... and it seems to work, installs in the correct location, and surprisingly the program even works after that.

The Problem: The "MainProject.desktop" seems to have no effect - I was hoping to see a link looking like the ico file, placed on the launcher (maybe desktop ? why is it called .desktop ?)...




[Desktop Entry]
Exec=bash /usr/share/MyCompanyFolder/MainProject/MainProject.sh
Comment=MainProject is awesome.

Inside mainproject-1.0 I ran

dh_make --copyright gpl -f ../mainproject-1.0.tar.gz 

Select s, press enter... Then I modified the files in the debian folder created. Ran

dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -my@email.com

Result: It works, creates installer, installer works...

  • The MainProject.desktop file is in /usr/share/applications (but it is a blank thing, with no icon)
  • The icon is added in /usr/share/icons/MyCompanyFolder - but... useless
  • There is nothing in the launcher or desktop
  • MainProject.desktop does launch the application.

What is missing ? From what I read, placing the *.desktop item in the applications folder would be enough to create a launcher item... And how does the icon get associated with it ?


I noticed that all icons used for shortcuts are png files not ico...

I created a png for my icon and it magically worked.

This fixed both the association with the launcher and the fact that the launcher did not work

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