When I scanned a web application for open ports using built in nmap command, it showed me that there is a closed port 6969 in which a service is running named acmsoda. When I did some googling on this, I found that it is the standard port run by BitTorrent client. What is actually this service acmsoda do? Is that a security threat to open this port?


6969 is the default port for some bittorrent clients and acmsoda is the service name which is using that port.

& acmsoda is a seeding service from Bit Torrent clients.

No its not a security threat and its a Bandwidth matter , you know over seeding will.

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According to this link, it can be a backdoor for attackers.

Backdoor assassin trojans may open the port 6969 to listen for the attacker. These malwares may enter the system through any infected likes applications or torrents.

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In spain we have a fedicom server that listens to this port Fedicom is a protocol that is used to send orders between pharmacy

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For security, it is important to know which process opens which port.

Run these commands to get information about processes and their ports:

sudo netstat -ltup
sudo lsof -i

6969 is the default port for the most famous bittorrent tracker software.


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