Mono 2.8 was recently released boasting a couple of large performance improvements. It's far too late for it to make it into Maverick and I'm fairly inpatient.

I don't use Mono for anything mission-critical (just playing music and sorting photos) and if it breaks everything related to Mono, I can probably either live with it or fix it. I'm aware of how much I stand to lose if I mess things up.

So with that acknowledged, does anybody here know how to build Mono in a way where it could be dropped in to replace the current Mono (2.6.7)? By this I mean ideally mirroring the packages that Ubuntu uses so that if the worse does happen, I can just downgrade the packages.

Or is there a PPA that does all this for me?


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Download and install the mono-parallel 2.10 deb package.

After installing the deb file paste this in the terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T)

source mono-2.10-environment

After this your terminal will look like

[mono] /var/dev/mono @


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Mono 2.8 is not available in a PPA. But someone made a script to automatically download, compile and install Mono 2.8 from source. That makes it a little bit easier.


The place to go for a mono PPA is http://badgerports.org/ unfortunately it could be months before it will have mono 2.8

Novell do not believe it is their responsibility to provide mono packages for ubuntu so the effort has to come from the community.

Jo Shields maintains both the official packages and the badgerports PPA. He said it could be months before mono 2.8 is available via his PPA.

So your only option at this stage is to build from source. Which is not for the faint hearted.


According to this thread, you can just use a different prefix:


You can always get the latest Mono version by using the VMware image provided at: Mono Downloads Page


If you're command line savy, you can compile it from source, using sudo make checkinstall instead of sudo make install, to get debs that you can downgrade later (you'll have a load of debs to downgrade though, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!)


Looks like the script has just been updated to install Mono 2.10 on Fedora and Ubuntu. The scripts themselves are on GitHub.


Same author as the link Tom Opgenorth provided, but updated for mono 2.10.1


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There is a ppa.ppa:gezakovacs/sandbox contains mono 2.10 packages, with a big disclaimer at the top. Your choice.

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