I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 x64, and I wanted to try the enlightenment wm. I installed it and it was alright, but really not my cup of tea. I uninstalled it, but it also updated some of the packages that were already installed on my system. Naturally ppa-purge is what I need to use in this situation. Unfortunately, I'm not sure exactly how to use this on a non-launchpad repository.

I can't remember what tutorial/article I used, but I manually added deb http://packages.bodhilinux.com/bodhi trusty main to my /etc/apt/sources.list.

Now reading the man page for ppa-purge, I thought the command that would do the trick is sudo ppa-purge -p bodhi -s packages.bodhilinux.com, but it's not working correctly and every other variation I try doesn't seem to work either. (It's just displaying the CLI help page).

I'm clearly not doing this right and I can't seem to be able to get the command right. Can anyone point me back in the right direction (what am I not doing correctly)? Thanks to all in advance!

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ppa-purge will not work for you.

If you manually added that line to your /etc/apt/sources.list file you must manually delete that line from the file and then run the following command to update your package list:

sudo apt-get update

Then, run

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

here's an example:

sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

here's another example:

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

When the file opens, locate the line "deb http://packages.bodhilinux.com/bodhi trusty main", delete the line or comment it out and save the file before closing the file. Then, run sudo apt-get update.

One way to find out what packages need to be downloaded it to run the following command:

dpkg -l | grep <whateveryouwanttosearchfor>


dpkg -l | grep bodhi1

The subsequent output will list all the packages that need to be downgraded.

Also, this command will list all the bodhi packages installed:

dpkg -l | grep bodhi

To uninstall all those packages with one command run the following:

sudo apt-get purge bodhi*


sudo apt-get purge bodhi-*

edit: as provided by BCqrstoO

Open synaptic and select the "origin" filter on the left to determine which packages need to be downgraded.

  • Will this allow me to downgrade the packages that were updated because of this source? Or will that have to be something I figure out and do manually?
    – Niko
    Commented Sep 30, 2014 at 0:45
  • @BCqrstoO if you would like to downgrade the packages, you can type apt-cache show <packagename> | grep Version: replacing <packagename> with the actual package name. To install a specific version, use sudo apt-get install <packagename>=<versionnumber>
    – mchid
    Commented Sep 30, 2014 at 0:49
  • I'm going to select this as the accepted answer, but it still needs more instruction. For myself, in order to find the packages that were actually installed from packages.bodhilinux.com I actually had to pull up synaptic and select the origin filter on the left before I knew which packages I needed downgrade. Thank you for the other information.
    – Niko
    Commented Sep 30, 2014 at 1:23

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