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I am new to Ubuntu and I just started learning bash.
How can I open bash files through terminal?

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To edit:

Use any editor you like:

gedit some_file.sh
nano  some_file.sh
vim   some_file.sh
# ...

To run:

Either make it executable and run it giving the path:

chmod +x some_file.sh

Or tell bash to run it:

bash some_file.sh

Also see: How to run scripts without typing the full path?


Give it permission to run

chmod +x /path/to/yourscript.sh

And run your script:


Make it executable using

chmod +x filename 

and run it in terminal using



You simply

bash filename

To open a bash file for editing (something with an .sh suffix) you can use a text editor like nano.

nano filename.sh

If you want to run a bash script you can do it in several ways.



sh filename.sh

Best, Lev

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