I was very satisfied with banshee when I was running 12.04 but after updating to 14.04 most of my music won't play. When I click on the album or song a small "X" icon appears to the left of the track number and skips the song. Please help.

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This is because Ubuntu 12.04 mounted the partitions at /media whereas Ubuntu 14.04 mounts the partition at /media/username.

The workaround here is to import the music library again.

Select all your songs using Ctrl + A then right-click and choose Remove from Library.

NOTE: Make sure you don't choose Delete from Drive as this will delete all your songs.

Then import them again using Media->Import media and choosing the specific folders or partitions. You will have to recreate your playlists again.


The previous answer is a great start, to expand on it, there are two things I did that help ease the transition. Before the Remove from Library action, export each of your playlists. After importing the library, open the playlists in a text editor, Find and Replace /media with /media/username. Then import the playlists back into Banshee.

I had an extensive collection of podcasts that also needed to be updated. In order to update these I needed to update the database that banshee uses.

Close Banshee.

Install sqlite3 (if necessary).

    sudo apt-get install sqlite3

Now a trick I stole from the Banshee FAQ. Dump the database to a text file, do the Find and Replace trick again, and recreate the database.

    cd ~/.config/banshee-1
    sqlite3 banshee.db ".dump" > dump
    mv banshee.db banshee.db.backup

Open dump with a text editor and Find and Replace as above, then recreate the database.

    cat dump | sqlite3 banshee.db

NOTE: This is the order I did things, you may be able do only the database dump, find and replace, reconstruct trick to take care of everything all at once, I'm not sure.

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