I am trying to install Microsoft Office 2010 on Ubuntu 14.04 using PlayOnLinux and I selected office 2010 from the list of programs to install on PlayOnLinux. I was fine selecting the .exe setup file for office but after I got the office popup and could install office from there but after i clicked the close button on the installer PlayOnLinux still has a loading icon saying 'Please wait while Microsoft Office 2010 is installing' Can someone please help me?

  • Check in your task manager whether there is still an instance of the installer running (search for anything with .exe in it). If you find something related, kill it. POL may report that it crashed, then you hit continue – s3lph Sep 26 '14 at 18:34

Sometime the Windows installers called by PlayOnLinux don't quit properly.

To continue the installation, open your task manager (most likely gnome-system-monitor) and kill all remaining instances of the installer. Just search for anything related to your Windows program with .exe in the taskname. Kill all remaining installer processes.

Afterwards, PlayOnLinux may say that some error occurred. Ignore this and click Continue. Your installation should finish as intended.

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