I created a wifi hotspot to use internet over my phone. But now I can't find any option to remove this wifi hotspot. It automatically turns on even if I close it. How can it be removed?


To delete a hotspot connection go to the "network" icon in the right side of the Panel and choose Edit Connections. In the new Network Connections window you can edit and delete connections.


I was also not able to find the network manager same like unity in Gnome desktop after the upgrade. Then I found that network manager is there but it is not linked to the settings menu.
Open terminal, run nm-connection-editor
This will open the connection manager for you (same as unity) where you will be able to make edits or changes to all kinds of networks.


If you are using tools like ap-hotspot for hotspot creation then it is very simple to stop hotspot.

sudo ap-hotspot stop

Just run this command in terminal, Otherwise refer the link to manually disconnect the wifi hotspot.

How To Turn Off Wifi Hotspot

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    I'm using Ubuntu Gnome 14.04. Wifi settings give an option to stop wireless hotspot(my_shared_connection) but it starts again itself. And there's no option to delete it. When i disable wifi hotspot, the hotspot name(my_shared_connection) appears in the wireless networks and only an option to forget it is there. – agyeya Sep 26 '14 at 16:42

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