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How to control bandwidth upload and download per user or each ip/mac? i tried squid3.0stable25 with delay_pools but its not work. is it really possible to control bandwidth for each host by squid? my isp have 400 more host but they are using open bw. i want to limit there upload and download how to do it? i also try htb but setup failed or not working and didn't get perfect example. please help!!

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Mastershaper can do this. From their website:

MasterShaper is a network traffic shaper which provides a Web Interface for Quality of Servcie (QoS) functions of newer Linux 2.4- & 2.6-Kernel-Series.

It targets to let users learn and use the traffic shaping mechanism. This should be possible for everyone who has no deeper knowledge of Linux and the difficult syntax of the tc commands from the iproute2 package.

It provides a Web Interface which lets you define bandwidth pipes and filters (based on IP, MAC, ports, protocols, ipp2p, layer7-filter, ...). It also draws some graphs about the current bandwidth usage and distribution. There is no more need for any shell access or privileged users.

Image of the 'ruleset overview':

enter image description here

For downloading

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