Currently I have installed Kubuntu 14.04 native on a machine with 1TB of disk space.

Now I have to use a program for work which is not working in Linux nor will it run in Windows inside of a VM.

Much to my regret I need to create a separate partition and install MS Windows (dual boot) just so I can run this program.

Or I will have to buy a separate Windows machine just to run this program (which I can not afford to do ) or switch this machine to a full windows only which I do not want to do.


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1. open a terminal ( Ctrl+Alt+T)

2. Launch gparted using sudo gparted

3. Click at your root partition and use the right mouse button to open the menu. Now click at the option move or resize

4. get about 10 to 20 gig free disk space by resizing your partition (if you have got a home partition, resize the home partition.)

5. create your Windows partitions in the free space

6. Apply the changes by clicking at the apply button and close gparted

7. run sudo update-grub

8. restart your machine using sudo shutdown -r now

9. install windows

10. start ubuntu and run sudo update-grub in a new terminal.

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