What I want to achieve is making a string command start server run the command wine ./_server.exe.

How would I do this?


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You need to define an alias for your command.

Edit your ~/.bash_aliases file and add your command there.


alias start-server='wine ./_server.exe'

More details -> here

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The particular syntax you use (start server) brings to mind Upstart session jobs, since it looks you want to use it as a service. Create a file in ~/.config/upstart/ called some-server.conf (change the name to suit your need, but it must have the .conf extension).

As contents use:

description "Describe your server"

    cd /to/where/ever/_server.exe/is
    wine ./_server.exe
end script

Now you can actually do:

start some-server


stop some-server

to start and stop the server. You could look at the respawn option too, if you want the program to restart if it exited.

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  • @RemyKooistra as a service, you mean? (That's OK. :) )
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