I'm working on an Ubuntu Touch app that works flawlessly with qmlscene. However, when I attempt to run it on an actual device, I get a bunch of dots all over the portion of the screen dedicated to the app (the notification bar along the top is unaffected as well as the launcher when I swipe from the left edge). I'd absolutely love to post a screenshot but mirscreencast isn't working either.

The name of the application is "2buntu" and it is available for installation in the app store. The source code is viewable here: https://github.com/2buntu/2buntu-Ubuntu-Touch-App.

Technical Details:

  • Development Machine:
    • Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit
    • All updates installed, including everything from this PPA
    • A working kit for armhf-ubuntu-sdk-14.10-utopic in Qt Creator
  • Testing Device
    • Nexus 5 with MultiROM
    • Ubuntu Touch 14.10 (r245)
    • Developer mode enabled and tested with adb shell

If anyone can shed even the slightest bit of light on what I've done wrong, that would be awesome.


Your .desktop is hard-coded to look for your QML files in /usr/share/twobuntu-app. Instead, make your Exec line:

qmlscene $@ twobuntu-app.qml

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