When I start up my computer, it says: "scanning for btrfs filesystems". I do need the btrfs-tools, but my btrfs filesystems are on a removable disk which is disconnected at start-up.

Scanning for btrfs filesystems adds a considerable delay to system start-up and seems unnecessary. How can I avoid it?

I have installed:

ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Btrfs v3.12

  • Now it does not add any delay. – Pilot6 Jul 18 '16 at 17:18

When you install btrfs-tools, some hooks come with this to "install" btrfs support in your initramfs that come in boot to your system.

the files are


(you can check with dpkg -L btrfs-tools) one alternative can be that after you install btrfs-tools, delete these files and after this rebuild your initramfs from /boot with

sudo update-initramfs -u

and with this your boot process will avoid to preload the btrfs module and try to detect any module on boot. You will need to do this any time that btrfs-tools get installed/updated in your system. And you are going to need to do a modprobe btrfs just in case, before plug-in your external disks formated with btrfs.


I tried searching for «btrfs» in /boot, and when I removed all the lines containing «btrfs» from config files there, no such message appears again. This may appear some sort of a rough workaround, though.

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    Welcome to askubuntu.com. You have provide a detailed solution and steps, such as which config files you've edited and where in those files. – Sergiy Kolodyazhnyy Oct 28 '14 at 4:06

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