Nginx is serving webpages from ubuntu server. Once or twice in a week I get warning mail from the cloud server provider says The amount of transferred data has exceeded the limit:

The amount of transferred data has exceeded the limit:

hourly: (1:00 - 02:00)

IP / Subnet     Server name  Limit (MB)   Traffic (MB)
xx.xx.xx.xxx      Niren        200          238.264

So I want to monitor the internet traffic in ubuntu server for particular period say with the above warning I want to know how the traffic exceed the limit in specified time duration(1hr-2hr). I want to know what are the IP's trying to access server in that duration.

Additional info:

Cloud server provider: Hetzner, Server OS: Ubuntu-1404-trusty-64-minimal, Web server: Nginx.

update: I tried vnstat but it shows hourly, weekly, daily or monthly traffic details, but I wanted to know what are the IP's tried to access server in specific duration this is not possible with vnstat.

  • Nginx certainly creates detailed logs which probably contain all you want to know. Take a look at the /var/log folder. – Pyrophorus Sep 18 '14 at 8:45

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