I noticed that some items in network section of my taskbar is disabled. When Wi-Fi adaptor is enabled and no cable connected network is available, following items are available and only BOLD items are enabled, other items are greyed out:

  • Ethernet network
  • disconnected
  • Mactin
  • disconnected
  • Mactin Network
  • Wi-Fi Networks
  • disconnected
  • InRangeWiFiSSID1
  • InRangeWiFiSSID2
  • InRangeWiFiSSID3
  • InRangeWiFiSSID4
  • InRangeWiFiSSID5
  • More networks >
  • Connect to Hidden Wi-Fi Network...
  • Create New Wi-Fi Network...
  • VPN Connections >
  • √ Enable Networking
  • √ Enable Wi-Fi
  • Connection Information
  • Edit Connections...

After I connect to an ethernet network, only following items are enabled: - Auto Ethernet - Disconnect - Connection Information

It is normal for some of above items such as Ethernet Network to be greyed out while I am not connected to any networks. But I expect that some of greyed out oned be enabled such as Connect to Hidden Wi-Fi Network...!

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