I have installed Munin according to the basic server instructions (I am planning on using it to monitor my own machine, not a remote machine). I installed the apache2 and munin packages (which included the munin-node and munin-plugins-extra packages).

/etc/munin/munin.conf already includes:

    use_node_name yes

/etc/munin/munin-node.conf already includes:

allow ^127\.0\.0\.1$
allow ^::1$

I have called sudo service munin-node restart and rebooted my machine and munin is still not visible at http://localhost/munin (http://localhost shows the default Apache 2 on Ubuntu page as expected).

What URL should Munin be visible on? (And if the URL is correct, what am I missing?)


It should be running on port 10000 by default, IIRC:


And I think munin uses its own web server, not the system's webserver.


In Ubuntu 14.04 the Munin webpage is reachable via


please check if there is a /var/www/munin/ directory with html files on the Munin Server.

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