Until now my keyboard mapping in Kubuntu 14.04 has worked seamlessly in the guest OS of Windows 7, which I run in VirtualBox. But after the upgrade to VirtualBox version 4.3.16 r95972 the swapping of Ctrl & Caps Lock is not respected. Any ideas for fixing this - or is it a known bug in the new VirtualBox version?



Update: I found the AutoHotKey program, which allows you to do the swapping inside Windows (plus a bunch of other stuff). After installing the program I placed a simple text file in my C:\Users\username\ directory with this content:

+Capslock::Capslock ; make shift+Caps-Lock the Caps Lock toggle Capslock::Control ; make Caps Lock the control button


I had the same problem with the same version of Virtual Box. I was able to work around the problem by running ctrl2cap.exe in Windows from the Sysinternals tool suite.


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