In ubuntu server, I established a http server, then I want to get the number of concurrent connections accessing http server in one second.

So, are there tools or commands to get the number?

By the way, if I want to get the number of concurrent connections by Python. How to program?



You should look at netflow options for the most detailed connections.

Netflow can be collected locally using argus, and parsed using command line curses tools, or used later in lib bindings.

A opensource GPLv2 netflow tool such as argus, provides a 'Real Time Flow Monitor' that is designed to perform comprehensive data network traffic auditing.

An example selection you can perform with argus is listed below:

To see the TopN 25 talkers, based on byte count, on a link between 2pm and 2:15 pm, getting Argus data from the file .

ramon -TopN -N 25 -t 2-2:15 -r

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