After an unexpected shutdown (due to a power outage), partition names in /media folder has changed, in fact it happened twice before the shutdown , /media included only one sub-folder named 432da03f-95cc-4b58-9bd5-b8f091a079f6 after two unexpected shutdowns two additional subfolders appeared, 432da03f-95cc-4b58-9bd5-b8f091a079f61 and 432da03f-95cc-4b58-9bd5-b8f091a079f62, each of them was added after one shutdown as a new name of the partitions. I am using Ubuntu 14.04.

How can I force the system to use stable names of that partition?

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They are stable names, they're just not cool with humans being all hexadecimal. You can write a script to create soft links called disk-01, disk-02 etc

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    You do not need a script, just assign labels to all partitions. I use gparted when creating partitions or Disks when editing them. Use little star type icon for more actions. With gpt there are not two places to label and I am not sure which is used for mounting. One is edit file system label which is the one I think is used, and the other is edit partition & then name.
    – oldfred
    Sep 16, 2014 at 4:29

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